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Pet Adoption

Please adopt, don't shop for your next furry family member.


 Dr. Oliver has rescued several animals from the Guilford County Animal Shelter who were all scheduled to be euthanized.  99% of dogs that are dumped at the shelter are nice dogs who have suffered for human mistakes. The shelter is over crowded and needs help.  Adopt, don't shop. Our community can do better by the dogs and cats of Guilford County.  Companion animals are sentient beings deserving of care and respect.  The shelter is overwhelmed with homeless and unwanted pets.  The vast majority of these dogs and cats if handled with kindness and respect and housed in a less stressful manner would make perfectly good pets.  Below are some of the animals we have saved and hope you will consider making them part of your family and giving them a forever home.


If you don't see someone on our web page who fits you then visit the Guilford County Animal Shelter and save a life.  You can also visit and support the SPCA of the Triad.  They are a small, limited space, no-kill shelter and they believe in giving every homeless animal in Guilford County the chance to shelter and heal in their facility until they are ready to be adopted out to their forever homes.  Please consider supporting this wonderful non-profit organization by donating dollars, food or your time as a volunteer.


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