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Pet Nutrition

Benessere Animal Hospital in Greensboro, NC Discusses the Importance of Pet Nutrition

There are many different components that come together to make a healthy pet such as keeping up with regular wellness checkups, good grooming practices, getting regular vaccinations, as well as nutrition. At Benessere Integrative Veterinary Medicine Pet Hospital Grooming Spa and Luxury Boarding, we provide a truly full-scale pet care service option in Greensboro that goes beyond the typical veterinarian.

dog eating nutritious foodProviding Your Pet With the Nutrition They Need

When it comes to pet nutrition, not every pet is the same. The nutritional needs are different depending on whether you own a dog, a cat, or some other type of pet, obviously, but the differences don't end there. Different breeds have slightly different needs, as do animals at different stages in their lives, with allergies or food sensitivities, or if they have had a history of illnesses. Sometimes your pet's personality is yet another contributing factor to what they eat every day.

As part of the process for screening and evaluation animal to figure out their specific nutritional needs we look at their age, activity level, history of disease, the condition of their skin and coat, as well as their need for extra supplements or medications in order to help you make wise choices when it comes to your pet's everyday food, as well as any treats you may wish to give them.

Helping You Make Sound Choices for Your Pet

For the most part, pets are at the mercy of their owners to provide them with nutritious food each day, and pet owners are largely at the mercy of the labels on their pet's food to make the right decision.

There are many things to consider when reading a pet food label, including the actual ingredients and the guaranteed analysis. Many look for meat to be included as the first ingredient, or at least meal meals, which is meat without the water and fat included, which means a higher level of protein. Whether or not to allow by-products depends on personal choice. Many byproducts do add nutritional value.

Looking at the guaranteed analysis can help you make a good decision for your pet. It will let you know the minimal amount of protein, fat, and maximum fiber levels in their food. Weight control varieties contain lower amounts of fat and higher fiber levels. Protein and fat are both important. For most dogs, at least 10% of their calories should come from protein and 5.5% from fat. Most contain more. Other things you may want to consider are the number of preservatives in the food, whether the food is holistic or organic, or whether a grain free option is desired or necessary for your pet.

Contact Our Benessere Animal Hospital in Greensboro, NC!

At Benessere Integrative Veterinary Medicine in Greensboro, we are committed to helping you make sense of all the confusion, and get your pet eating nutritious food that he loves. For pet nutrition advice, or help with your pet's all around well being, contact us at (336) 897-1505 to schedule an appointment.

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