Dr. Oliver has rescued many animals from the Guilford County Animal Shelter who were all scheduled to be euthanized. 99% of dogs that are dumped at the shelter are nice dogs who have suffered for human mistakes. The shelter is over crowded and needs help. Adopt, don’t shop. Our community can do better by the dogs and cats of Guilford County. Companion animals are sentient beings deserving of care and respect. The shelter is overwhelmed with homeless and unwanted pets. The vast majority of these dogs and cats if handled with kindness and respect and housed in a less stressful manner would make perfectly good pets.

We provide care for pets through Break The Chain Kennel Kru, The Triad Independent Cat Rescue, Merrit Pit Bull Foundation, SPCA of the Triad, Alamance County Humane Society, Almost Home Dachsund Rescue and the list continues to grow.