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Learn About Pet Adoption in 2019

At Benessere Animal Hospital, we really care for our patients and animals across the country. There is an “adopt don’t shop” movement spreading across the nation that many people are asking about. There are many reasons to spread awareness of this idea, and many reasons a person may want to adopt a pet in need instead of shopping for one. Our veterinarian serves Greensboro and the surrounding areas with quality care, so don’t hesitate to bring your pet in to meet our friendly staff.

Why Does Pet Adoption Matter?

Pet adoption matters because there are so many dogs and cats across the nation in shelters and even out on the streets that have no one to care for them. The fate of many of these animals is not a good one. The term “shopping” when referring to buying a pet speaks of buying a specialty breed from a pet shop or online. It may seem harmless to buy a pet shop pet—you may even feel like you are helping a local business—but the fact is that many pets online and in some shops come from puppy mills where the mom is kept in a small crate her whole life, solely being used for breeding.

Why pay top dollar when you can find a perfect pet for much less and have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped the cause? In many areas, these puppy mills are illegal, and many pet shops are taking the initiative to only sell pets who need homes to stop the cycle of puppy or cat mill breeding. You can do your part by adopting from a shelter or making sure your local pet store gets their puppies and kittens from a responsible source. Another perk of adopting is that the price point is significantly lower. Many people only charge a small fee to adopt a pet. Adopting a pet of any age comes with great responsibility and great joy. Don’t worry if you had your heart set on a puppy—you can find puppies and adult pets alike at a shelter. So, consider adopting your next furry family member and find the joy that comes from helping an animal in need of a home.

Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment

Contact us at Benessere Animal Hospital in Greensboro to schedule an appointment for your pet, or to find out more about pet adoption by calling (336) 897-1505. Our veterinarian is eager to meet your new furry family member this year.

Have you adopted a pet from a shelter? Share your experience in the comments.

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