February is National Pet Dental Month!

It’s Pet Dental Month: Come in for a Cleaning!

At Benessere Animal Hospital, our Greensboro veterinarian is a strong proponent of preventative care. This includes not just annual wellness exams and vaccinations, but routine dental check-ups and cleanings as well. All too often, pet owners fail to understand just how important it is to take care of their pets’ teeth and oral health. If your pet hasn’t had a professional dental cleaning in the past couple years, now is a great time to schedule one with our veterinary team. After all, it is National Pet Dental Month!

Benefits of Pet Dental Cleanings

When your pet has a professional dental cleaning in our office, they are safely placed under anesthesia before the procedure to ensure maximum comfort. This also allows our veterinarian to perform the deepest and more thorough cleaning possible. During your pet’s dental cleaning, we will carefully remove plaque and tartar build-up not just from the surfaces of the teeth themselves, but from underneath the gum line as well. This is important to note because many cases of gum disease and periodontitis are caused by build-up that accumulates under the gum line.

When your pet has routine dental cleanings, you can do your part to protect your pet from gum disease, cavities, abscesses, and other painful oral health problems that your pet may otherwise have a difficult time communicating to you.

Other Pet Dental Care Tips

For most pets, an annual cleaning is the best way to protect oral and dental health, but our veterinarian can make a specific recommendation based on your pet’s needs. In addition to routine cleanings and exams, we may also recommend that you take some measures to care for your pet’s dental health at home. Consider, for example, taking the time to brush your pet’s teeth a few times a week, or giving your pet dental treats that can help to remove plaque as your pet chews.

Request A Dental Appointment With Our Greensboro Vet

If your pet is due for a cleaning or if you’re not sure, why not schedule an appointment with our Greensboro vet today? At the very least, we can start with a dental exam and make some recommendations for further treatment from there. Call us at (336) 897-1505 to get started.

Can you recall the last time your pet had a professional dental cleaning?

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