Pet Dermatology at Benessere Animal Hospital

The image of cats or dogs scratching themselves with a hind leg is so commonplace that many owners hardly notice this behavior in their own pets, but they should. Skin conditions can cause serious health problems for pets, not to mention the misery of constant itching or pain. If you’re worried that your pet’s skin may need some professional care, look no further than Benessere Animal Hospital. Our Greensboro vet clinic can identify and resolve the problem so your pet can go back to enjoying everyday life.

Causes of Skin Irritation in Pets

Pets may encounter skin irritation from a variety of sources. The most common manifestation of skin irritation is an unsightly, itchy rash, especially in areas where moisture tends to collect. In some cases, a rash may be accompanied by raised welts or loss of hair in the affected area. Skin irritation may be caused or worsened by:

  • Infections – A pet that scratches, licks, or chews irritated skin may actually do additional damage to the area. The damaged skin may then be vulnerable to bacterial infections. A primary fungal infection such as ringworm can cause both skin lesions and patches of hair loss.
  • Pest issues and allergic dermatitis – Mites, fleas, and ticks are notorious for causing skin irritation. Many pets experience an allergic reaction to these pests’ bites (allergic dermatitis). Other forms of allergic dermatitis may occur on contact with airborne pollutants, plant-based irritants such as poison ivy, or household chemicals. Mites can cause an uncomfortable skin problem called mange.
  • Food allergies – A skin rash may be the result of an allergic reaction to a specific food or food additive. For instance, your pet may be allergic to lamb, beef, or some other protein. Food allergies cay cause digestive and respiratory symptoms as well as skin symptoms.

Soothing Skin Care at Our Greensboro Clinic

Bring your pet to our Greensboro clinic for the soothing skin care he or she needs. We can run detailed evaluations to diagnose a fungal or bacterial infection, pest infestation, food allergy, or other common cause of skin trouble. Depending on the underlying issue, we can then prescribe treatments such as medicated baths, flea/tick preventatives, steroid/antibiotic/antihistamine medications, lifestyle or environmental changes to keep allergens at bay, and specialized diets that replace your pet’s specific allergen with another nutritious ingredient.

Call Our Animal Hospital for Skin Evaluation and Treatment

Don’t ignore that angry-looking spot or obsessive scratching in your pet. Contact Benessere Animal Hospital at (336) 897-1505 today to arrange for the necessary skin evaluation and treatment. Our Greensboro clinic knows how to address your best friend’s dermatological needs!