Norwex Towels and Cleaning Products for Pets

When choosing a cleaning product that is pet-friendly, consider Norwex towels and cleaning products. Here at Benessere Animal Hospital, your local Greensboro, NC veterinarian, we recommend Norwex products. These cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and include pet specific mitts and towels. Learn more about using Norwex products for keeping your home and household cleaner in a pet-safe way.

Norwex Towels and Cleaning Products for Pet Handlers

Norwex towels and cleaning products are great for nontoxic cleaning solutions. You only need water when cleaning up your pet’s messes with Norxwex products, which include pet mitts for grooming and pet towels. These cleaning products get rid of oil, grease, dirt, and water, which helps you clean up any messes left behind by a dog, cat, or other beloved pet.

Health Benefits of Norwex Pet Products

The majority of Norwex products feature an antimicrobial treatment. This way you remove bacteria when wiping up pet urine, vomit, hairballs, or feces. Also, by not using any cleaning solutions you eliminate the risk of poisoning or exposing your pet to toxic chemicals. Consider the cost of purchasing additional cleaning products besides a cleaning towel or mitt. This will save you even more money in the long run.

Pet Mitt by Norwex

Currently, Norwex carries a pet mitt, pet towel, and rubber brush that are used specifically by pet owners. The Pet Mitt allows you to brush and groom your pet naturally and without soapy water. No more having to drench your dog in water every time they need a cleaner coat.

Stretch out pet washes with this eco-friendly pet mitt made of microfiber and designed to fit like a glove for easy grooming. You can also use the pet mitt as a washing mitt as it can be wet. The mitt features the BacLock antibacterial material that inhibits mold and mildew and accompanying odors within 24 hours of each use.

Pet Towel by Norwex

The pet towel features that same BackLock material and ultra-absorbent microfiber. The size of the towel is 23.6 by 39.4 inches. It has hand pockets to help you dry your pet more efficiently.

Rubber Brush by Norwex

The Norwex Rubber Brush is originally intended to be used for brush upholstery, curtains, car seats, or clothing. However, pet owners report they are happy to use this rubber bristled device to brush their dog’s or cat’s coat. You do not need anything electric and the bristles are flexible albeit tough enough to stand up to your pet.

Where to Buy Norwex Towels and Cleaning Products in Greensboro, NC

Here at Benessere Animal Hospital, we carry Norwex towels and cleaning products in Greensboro, NC. Contact our veterinarian at (336) 897-1505 for more information.