Pet Anesthesia Services from our Greensboro Veterinarian

Anesthesia is a medical service that enables many pets to get the treatment they need.  Our Greensboro, NC veterinarian notes that understanding pet anesthesia and how we administer it to our Benessere Animal Hospital patients can greatly reduce an owner’s anxiety.

When is Pet Anesthesia Necessary?

Pet anesthesia creates a controlled form of unconsciousness.  It prevents a pet from feeling pain or moving.  Most people associate it with surgical procedures such as spaying/neutering, removing tumors, and wound repair.

However, anesthesia is also important for controlling a pet’s consciousness during dental procedures.  Our veterinarian adds that it is also sometimes useful to keep pets from moving during diagnostic imaging scans.

Just like all other medical procedures, it carries some risks.  Although most are minor problems, our veterinary staff takes every precaution necessary to make anesthesia safe.

Anesthesia Preparation and Administration

Before performing pet anesthesia, our practice performs a pre-anesthetic evaluation on each patient.  This includes a comprehensive physical exam and an assessment of medical history.  We sometimes also order blood tests as an additional measure for assessing risk.

Our staff usually begins the anesthesia process by administering a sedative through a catheter to reduce a pet’s stress.  Sedatives and tranquilizers help calm a pet in unfamiliar surroundings and can often permit the use of less general anesthetic.

An IV catheter placed in a limb or in the neck is a pet’s lifeline while under general anesthesia.  It allows our doctor to administer medications and other fluids as conditions require.  We administer anesthesia itself by gas inhalation, IV infusion, or a combination, based on the type of procedure scheduled and the pet’s health.

While a pet is under anesthesia, we carefully monitor vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and amount of oxygen in the blood.  Once it is time for the animal to awaken, we place it in a quiet kennel or cage with warm pads or blankets to begin recovering.

While some pets remain hospitalized overnight, others return home the same day.  We always make sure that owners remain informed as to how their pets are doing and understand the steps necessary for aftercare at home.

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