Pet Dental Care from our Greensboro Veterinarian

When it comes to caring for your pet’s teeth, you may futilely try to get a toothbrush in their mouths to clean off plaque. You do this maybe once or twice annually, but it should be much more often. You can also leave it to the professionals, such as a Greensboro vet.

Pets can get cavities, plaque, gingivitis, halitosis, periodontal disease, and more, just like we humans can.

What Does a Vet Include Under Pet Dental Care?

Pet dental care at a Greensboro vet will start with the vet checking the animal’s mouth. During this exam, the vet is looking for any indication of poor oral health, including the following:

• Swollen gums or inner cheeks

• Unusual bleeding

• Signs of pain and discomfort

• Excessive drooling

• Inability to properly chew

• Signs of tartar

• Discoloration of the teeth

• Missing or broken teeth

• Stinky breath

If the pet hasn’t been eating, the vet will also take this into account.

Then, they will give the dog or cat proper teeth cleaning, erasing tartar. If the pet needs further dental assistance due to cases of cavities, gingivitis, or other oral hygiene conditions, the vet will offer this as well.

In some cases, the pet will need surgery. Pets are always anesthetized before any oral procedure to ensure they feel no pain. That said, you will have to take special care of them in the days and weeks after the surgery.

Why Is Dental Care for Pets Necessary?

As mentioned, humans aren’t the only ones who have to worry about gingivitis, cavities, and halitosis. These oral problems plague our pets, too. Animals may also get periodontal disease, a serious oral condition that may lead to the heart muscle, liver, and kidney issues.

Vets may notice cleft palate malformations, a fractured or broken jaw, teeth misalignments, mouth tumors or cysts, infected teeth, abscesses, and broken roots or teeth during the oral exam. These oral health issues can make your pet miserable and sometimes even shorten their lifespan. That’s why it’s so crucial to spend considerable time getting your pet’s teeth cleaned.

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Pet Dental FAQs by our Greensboro Veterinarian

When is the last time you have your dog or cat’s teeth cleaned? If it’s been a while or you’ve never had your pet’s teeth cleaned, he or she could be suffering from periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss and oral infections. Our veterinarian in Greensboro can answer your questions about dental care for pets and clean your pet’s teeth.

1. Why does my pet need his or her teeth cleaned?

Pets, like humans, can develop gum problems, like gingivitis and periodontal disease. When your pet eats, plaque develops on the teeth. If this plaque is left on your pet’s teeth, it can turn into tartar and lead to gingivitis, periodontal disease, oral infections and loose teeth. Having your pet’s teeth cleaned can help prevent gum disease, gum pain and the need for tooth extractions.

2. How do I know if my pet has an oral health problem?

Your pet will not be able to tell you that he or she is experiencing mouth pain or loose teeth. However, you can watch your pet’s behavior for signs of an oral health problem. Pets with dental problems have horrifically bad breath. They may drool excessively, and that drool may contain pus or blood. Your pet’s teeth may also appear stained, and his or her gum may appear red or swollen. Your pet may also refuse to eat or whine while eating. If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, it is time to schedule a pet dental appointment with our vet.

3. What happens during a pet teeth cleaning appointment?

During your pet’s teeth cleaning appointment, our vet will examine your pet’s mouth for signs of oral health problems. Then, our dentist will thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth, removing all the plaque and tartar. If any problems are found, like loose teeth, cavities and dental decay, our vet will recommend the appropriate treatment.

4. Is there anything I can do at home to keep my pet’s teeth clean?

There are things you can do at home to help keep your pet’s teeth clean. In general, you should regularly brush your pet’s teeth and/or help remove plaque by providing your pet with dental chew toys. If you have questions, our vet can answer them and recommend the right dental care products for your pet. Make an Appointment with our Greensboro Veterinarian Today If you have any questions about our services, please
contact us today at (336) 897-1505.