Microchipping Services From Our Veterinarian in Greensboro, NC

At Benessere Animal Hospital, our veterinarian in Greensboro, NC is committed to providing the surrounding communities with quality, compassionate veterinary care. We offer a full range of services in our office, including quick and affordable microchipping. If your pet is not yet microchipped, or if you’re not sure if your pet was ever microchipped, we’d be happy to help!

What to Expect When Microchipping Your Pet

When a pet is microchipped, a small computer chip (measuring about the size of a grain of rice) is carefully embedded underneath the skin. In most pets, the chip is placed in between the shoulder blades. This chip is coded with a unique identification number, which is subsequently linked to your contact information and other information about your pet (name, medical conditions, your phone number, address, etc.). If your pet ever goes missing and is found, the person who found your pet can have him or her scanned for a microchip at any vet or shelter. From there, your contact information can be recovered and you can be contacted to reunite with your beloved pet.

The entire process of microchipping a pet takes just a few seconds, and most pets don’t even notice the procedure has occurred. Once your pet’s chip is embedded, our veterinarian will link it to your contact information so that it is registered—and you can update this information any time by simply contacting your microchip company.

Reasons to Microchip Your Pet

There are countless reasons to have your pet microchipped, regardless of whether you have a pet (such as a cat) that spends all of its time indoors or a pet who spends some time outside (such as a dog). The truth is that any pet can go missing, and when something like this happens, having your pet microchipped is your best bet for being reunited with your pet. This is even true if your pet wears a collar with tags and contact information at all times; often times, when pets go missing, their collars can also snag on things (like branches or fences), resulting in their collars going missing as well. With a microchip, your pet’s finders will still be able to get into contact with you even if your pet isn’t wearing a collar.

Schedule an Appointment With Our North Carolina Vet

If you’re interested in microchipping your pet or would like to have your pet checked for an existing microchip that you may not have registered, schedule an appointment with our NC vet today by calling (336) 897-1505.