Nutrition Plays a Key Role in Your Pet’s Health 

Your pet may love eating scraps from your table, but people food won’t provide the nutritional value your pet needs to stay healthy. By learning more about pet nutrition, you can fulfill your furry friend’s dietary needs. At Benessere Animal Hospital in Greensboro, we can provide you with greater insight into pet nutrition so you can make wise dietary choices for your canine or feline companion.

Nutrition for Cats

As carnivores, cats thrive on a diet rich in protein. In fact, cats need twice the protein that people or dogs need, and the major source should be meat or fish. Animal protein provides cats with the essential amino acids their bodies need to stay healthy. The amino acid taurine, for example, is vital for eye and heart health as well as reproduction and only comes from a diet rich in meat. Kittens need even more protein and amino acids than adult cats to support their growing bodies.

Cats also need fats and carbohydrates in their diet to help absorb vitamins and provide energy. Too much fat, however, can cause weight gain. If you have difficulty feeling your cat’s ribs or your cat’s waistline seems to have “disappeared,” they may need to lose a few pounds. Water is something cats and dogs need in abundance. Your pet should have access to water at all times to avoid problems with dehydration.

Nutrition for Dogs

Dogs need protein and fats in their diet but can do with less carbs, especially when they’re older. Meat and fish can provide dogs with a balanced diet of protein to stay healthy and strong. Senior dogs can benefit from a protein rich diet with reduced sodium and carbs. Puppies need extra protein to enhance their growth and development.

Fats provide your pup with energy and keeps their skin, fur, nose, and paws in good health. Too much fat, however, can lead to weight gain, so be careful with table scraps. If your pet has health problems such as allergies, chronic ailments, or suffers from obesity, seek help from our veterinarian on how to meet their dietary needs.


Dogs and cats need daily exercise at all stages of their life. Exercise strengthens your pet’s muscles and bones, enhances coordination, and keeps them flexible and agile. Through exercise and play, you can bond with your pet and build a lifelong friendship that enriches both of your lives.

Visit Our Veterinarian for Pet Nutrition Advice

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