Pet Surgical Services From Our Greensboro Veterinarian

At Benessere Animal Hospital, our Greensboro veterinarian offers a number of services to suit your pet’s health and wellness needs at various stages of life. From diagnosis and treatment for serious injuries and illnesses to routine preventative care, such as annual wellness exams, we do it all. We even offer surgical services, providing your pet with the highest standard of care when he or she needs a procedure done.

Types of Surgeries Performed at Our Animal Hospital

Our experienced Greensboro veterinarian is able to perform a number of surgeries right here in our animal hospital. Our state-of-the-art facilities and surgical technology, combined with our veterinary team’s unrivaled experience, give you added peace of mind in knowing your pet is in good hands.

Spay and neuter procedures are among the most common surgeries performed in our office, but we’re also able to perform a variety of other procedures, including:

• mass/tumor removal

• cystotomy

• dental surgery

• soft palate resection

• cruciate ligament stabilization

• wound management

• urethrostomy

If your pet is in need of a surgery or if you’re looking for a second opinion, we encourage you to schedule an appointment or consultation with our veterinary team today so we can determine the best treatment option for your pet’s injury or condition.

What to Expect if Your Pet Needs Surgery

If it turns out that your pet does need surgery, rest assured that we will take all precautions to maximize your pet’s safety and comfort. This will begin with us conducting blood draws prior to your pet’s surgery to ensure that anesthesia can be safely used. Many pet owners are understandably nervous about the idea of their pet being placed under anesthesia, but doing so allows us to provide your pet with the greatest level of comfort during any surgical service.

Your pet’s vital signs will be carefully monitored on the day of surgery, starting with when the anesthesia is administered and continuing until your pet is able to go back home with you. We’ll always make sure that you’ll be kept informed and that you know the proper aftercare steps to follow with your pet.

Schedule an Appointment With Our North Carolina Vet

If you’re interested in scheduling a surgical consultation or any other type of service appointment with our North Carolina vet, we’d be happy to assist you in setting up an appointment. You can reach Benessere Animal Hospital by giving us a call at (336) 897-1505. We look forward to serving you and your beloved pet!

Pet Surgery FAQs

Deciding to have your pet undergo surgery requires some thoughtful decision-making, and our Greensboro veterinarian team happily supports local pet parents every step of the way to ensure they’re making the most informed choices possible. We provide all our surgical services using the highest quality equipment, technology, techniques, and standards of pre- and post-operative care to truly maximize animal outcomes.

Why might my pet need surgery?

Common reasons for pet surgery at our clinic include:

  • Spay and neuter
  • Orthopedic conditions (e.g., torn ligaments, hip dysplasia)
  • Tumor or mass removal
  • Pet dental surgery (e.g., removal of infected of fractured teeth, soft palate resection)
  • Cystotomy
  • Urethrostomy

How do I prepare my pet for surgery?

To prepare your pet for surgery, we’ll educate you on everything you need to do to beforehand at the pre-surgical consult. We may also require things like blood and stool samples to ensure your pet is healthy enough for the operation.

We will also likely ask that you refrain from feeding your pet at least 12 hours prior to surgery.

Why is it important to use anesthesia during pet surgery?

Putting your pet under general sedation is the most humane and effective way to provide high quality surgical care. It keeps your pet safe and comfortable and allows our experienced vet staff to perform their duties safely, thoroughly, and efficiently.

Before, during, and after surgery, pets are closely monitored by our team. Your beloved companion is in good hands!

What are the risks associated with pet surgery?

Even minor surgeries carry some risk, including complications with anesthesia and bleeding. Your pet’s relative risk also depends on age, overall health status, and certain other factors. However, the overall risk of veterinary surgery is generally low, and our team mitigates these risks with our high degree of skill and experience.

How should I care for my pet after its surgery?

We educate every pet parent on the signs of post-surgical complications like bleeding and infection. We encourage you to give your pet all its medications as prescribed (including anti-bacterial, anti-emetic, and analgesic meds), and restrict your animal’s activity level for at least the first few days of recovery. We also ask that pet parents make sure their pets’ incisions remain clean, dry, and intact (cones and t-shirts may help!).

Contact Our Team of Veterinarians in Greensboro NC for a Consultation

To schedule a surgical consultation, to get a second opinion, or to ask our friendly veterinarians in Greensboro NC any other questions about your pet’s wellness needs, contact Benessere Animal Hospital today by calling (336) 897-1505 now.