Pet Wellness Exams From Our Greensboro Veterinarian

How’s your pet feeling? They may seem like they’re doing well, but it’s still best to bring them in at least annually for a pet wellness exam. Your vet will do a thorough check of your pet’s vital signs and overall health as well as update any prescriptions or vaccinations your pet needs.

Why Get a Pet Wellness Exam?

As a busy pet owner, it can be easy to forget about taking your pet to the vet every year. That said, our wellness exams cover all the bases. Here at Benessere Integrative Veterinary Medicine, we even offer nutritional counseling. This way, if your pet has weight issues, you can get these under control early.

What Is Included in a Pet Wellness Exam at a Greensboro Veterinarian?

Our wellness exams are very comprehensive. Dr. Oliver will gently examine your pet from nose to tail, evaluating oral health, eyes, ears, soft tissue palpation checking for masses and lymph nodes, looking carefully at skin and hair coat health, muscles, joints, nervous system, cardiovascular system and palpating the abdomen.

We also offer a host of comprehensive pet care services. Here’s what you can expect when you bring your pet to Benessere Integrative Veterinary Medicine, your Greensboro veterinarian:

• Dietary improvements, including homemade and customized diets and nutritional counseling so your pet can eat and feel their best.

• Geriatric and senior preventative care so your pet’s golden years can be some of their most enjoyable.

• Microchipping service, which increases the chances of you finding your pet if they ever get lost.

• Spaying/neutering surgeries, which prevent your pet from reproducing. These surgeries can also reduce sexually-driven behavioral issues like humping and aggression.

• Vaccine protocols that are customized based on lifestyle, age, vaccination history, and the pet’s risk of contracting diseases.

• Behavioral consultations and training that won’t scold your pet. Instead, by using positive reinforcement, pets will learn better.

• Care for newborn kittens and puppies so pet owners can raise their pet in a healthy, happy, loving way.

• Wellness exams, which inspect all parts of the animal to ensure there are no signs of disease, injury, or other health maladies.

We even have an online and in-house pharmacy for your pet medication needs.

Need Vet Service and Care? Come to Benessere Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Here at Benessere Integrative Veterinary Medicine, we provide more than just wellness exams. We also have luxury boarding, and spa services.

Some of our other services are integrative therapies, including therapeutic massages, nutraceuticals, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and cold laser therapy. We also have internal medicine services, including dental care, ultrasounds, in-house digital x-rays, referrals and consults, exams, and anesthesia.

Set up an appointment today by visiting us at Benessere Integrative Veterinary Medicine on 1052 Grecade Street or by contacting us at (336) 897-1505.