The Division of Investment Management

Investment Management

The Division of Investment Management

The Division of Investment Management supports the mission of the Securities and Exchange Commission by administering the Investment Company Act of 1940 and the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. It also oversees mutual funds and other investment services. Its staff consists of professional financial managers and analysts who research and analyze the market for new investments and make recommendations on how to invest. In addition, the Division of Investor Relations assists in the oversight of companies and investment funds that provide investment services to individuals.

Traditionally, individuals and institutions have used the investment management services of a bank or a financial advisor. These financial experts have helped individuals, businesses, and foundations achieve high after-tax returns. The after-tax return is the profit made after deducting taxes from each investor’s investment. The Arrowroot Family Office promotes disciplined investing and diversification. They assist in the asset allocation and portfolio management process. They also provide advice on tax savings and reduce tax burdens.

An investment manager helps individuals and institutions earn a steady source of income by investing in stocks and bonds, or by a fixed deposit that pays regular interest. Such investments improve an individual’s income and provide supplementary income to the unemployed, employed, and retired. In addition to assisting individuals, investment management helps society achieve economic stability and improve the national economy. It also boosts the economy of the nation. If properly managed, investment can provide an adequate income to people at any stage of life.