The Three P’s of Investment Management

Investment Management

The Three P’s of Investment Management

The three P’s of Investment Management refer to the philosophy, process, and people involved in the management of an investment portfolio. Philosophies of different companies may include buying growth shares or value stocks, focusing on market timing, and implementing diversified portfolios based on their risk profiles. They may also utilize teams of researchers to identify emerging markets. Whether a company adheres to a particular philosophy or not is irrelevant to the success of its investment management.

The process of hiring and managing investment managers entails several processes. Typically, an investment manager must hire a team of managers to handle all aspects of an investment. Those individuals who are accustomed to dealing with investments should find this section easy to navigate. In addition to hiring managers, investment firms must adhere to regulatory guidelines and adhere to statutory limitations. The final step is to examine their internal systems and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

The CFA exam is the first step in becoming a CFA charterholder. This designation is earned after completing four years of full-time work in the field. Once you have passed the exams, you will receive letters of reference from professionals who have helped you grow your career. Then, you’ll get to apply for jobs. You’ll find that investment management is a good choice. The process is simple and stress-free if you have a good manager.